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What is the meaning of dentoalveolar trauma

Posted on 2/6/2023 by Evan
What is the meaning of dentoalveolar traumaDent alveolar traumas are injuries involving the teeth, the portion of the mandible and maxilla, and the adjacent soft tissues. Examples of these injuries include fractures of the teeth, fractures of the alveolar part, avulsion of the teeth and laceration of the soft tissues. Mainly these injuries result from violence and accidents. Injuries which affect the teeth are unable to repair themselves. This trauma is one of the serious dental problems.

What are the different types of dent alveolar traumas?

Two types of fracture injuries are complicated fractures and uncomplicated fractures. There is no movement of the pulp in uncomplicated fractures, there is an incomplete crack of the enamel, and there is no loss of the tooth structure. The second fracture is the enamel fracture. This fracture is corrected by smoothing the rough edges. In complicated fractures, the fractures are advanced and affect the crown, which contains the dentin, pulp and enamel. This condition is managed by pulp therapy or endodontic treatment, where the following factors are considered; the treatment plan, the time is taken between the treatment process and the accident and the stage of development of the tooth.

The second type of trauma is the root fracture which involves the pulp, dentin and cementum. It can either be vertical or horizontal fractures. In horizontal fractures, there is bleeding from the sulcus the coronal area is displaced. In vertical fractures, the fracture starts apically and progresses towards the coronary, which usually happens in the buccal lingual.

The treatment and diagnosis of the dent alveolar traumas.

The treatment and diagnosing of these injuries require special tools and instruments, which are mostly not found in hospitals. Depending on the extent of the injury, the injury mechanism can affect the lower lip resulting in laceration of the lip and osseous alveolar dentures, which force the mandibular against the maxillary. Most of these traumas are corrected by surgery with the help of a profession.

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