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Sedation Options

A woman being sedated on a dental chairMany patients will already be familiar with the terms local and general anesthetic, but there are in fact many more different types of sedation we use in surgery. They range in potency, effect, method of administration, and duration. Different types of sedation are used for different types of surgeries. Before a surgery, we will always discuss with our patients what sedation we will be using, and what effect it should have on the patient. Surf City Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery uses sedation to make surgery more comfortable and effective for our patients.

What Are the Different Types of Sedation?

Two of the most common types of sedation are general and local anesthetic. Local anesthetic is often used to numb the area in which our oral surgeon is performing the procedure and is often used in conjunction with other forms of sedation such as nitrous oxide. Unlike local anesthetic, in which the patient is still awake, general anesthetic puts the patient into a deep sleep. This type of sedation is used for major surgeries where the patient needs to refrain from movement for a long period of time. It is given to the patient orally, either through as a gas through a mask or as a liquid via injection. In addition to numbing the pain in one specific area, general anesthesia causes overall drowsiness and reduced cognition. Sometimes, general anesthetic is used instead of local anesthesia if the patient is a child. Our oral surgeons will always look at our patients’ medical history prior to operation. Nitrous oxide is another form of sedation that is more commonly known as laughing gas. This is the only form of sedation used at our office that allows the patient to drive themselves home afterwards as long as it is not used in conjunction with local anesthetic. Our oral surgeons can control precisely how much they want to give a patient, so its effects don’t last as long as the other sedation methods we use. Sedation can also come in pill form, which can vary in dosage. Pill-based sedation can produce either mild or moderate effects. Our dentists only use the most minimal form of sedation required for a surgery.

What to Expect While Recovering From General Anesthesia

While being unconscious for the procedure is a relief, when you recover consciousness, you may wonder what’s going on or where you are. You will also face the side effects of the anesthetic medicines used. Here’s what you should expect during recovery from general anesthesia.
•  The anesthesiologist will reorient you. They will let you know where you are and what is going on. Likely, you will not remember or be aware of what just happened.
•  You will be under observation while your vitals and baselines return to normal. You will be observed for any side effects.
•  If you are hypertensive, you will be treated for that by providing fluids or medicine. Other symptoms like nausea will be treated with an anti-emetic.

Is Sedation Safe?

There are people who are more at risk when having general anesthetic, such as those who have sleep apnea or those who are obese. Our oral surgeons will talk with each patient about their medical history before each surgical procedure and inform the patient of the risk involved. In most cases, the risk is very minimal. Our professionals monitor the patient’s vitals while they are under general anesthetic. Our team has methods to counteract the sedation should anything unexpected happen. With any surgery, there is always some risk involved, but our oral surgeons are highly experienced and would never put our patients under any unnecessary risk. Surf City Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery takes sedation very seriously and uses it in the most minimal dosages while still maintaining maximum comfort for our patients. To book a consultation appointment, call our office at 657-384-2787.

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