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Do You Need To See An Oral Surgeon Or A Dentist?

Posted on 5/22/2023 by Evan
Do You Need To See An Oral Surgeon Or A Dentist?For all your dental health care requirements, you may see one of many specialists in the field. Dentists and oral surgeons are two of the most frequent medical experts. How can you, however, choose which specialist is most suited to your needs?

Whether You Visit A Dentist Or Oral Surgeon Depends on Several Factors

Most individuals who need dental care will see a dentist. They provide anything from exams and cleanings to more involved operations like root canals, crowns, and bridges. You may get procedures like veneers and tooth bleaching from them as well. Dentists can identify and treat many oral health problems, but in some instances, they may suggest seeing an oral surgeon instead.

Contrarily, oral surgeons focus only on correcting problems with the mouth, teeth, and jaw. Problems including impacted wisdom teeth, misaligned jaws, and complex tooth extractions are standard surgical procedures. Oral cancer, sleep apnea, and TMJ issues are just some of the other diseases they address. A medical degree is joint for oral surgeons, as is extra training beyond dental school.

Is there a time when a visit to the dentist wouldn't be a better idea than an oral surgeon? Your general dentist may suggest seeing an oral surgeon for problems, including impacted wisdom teeth or jaw misalignment. Also, you may be sent to an orthodontist for treatment and diagnosis of conditions affecting the tissues and bones of the mouth.

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It is essential not to put off getting dental treatment for longer than is required if you want to maintain good oral health. If you take the initiative and make an appointment with us right away, we will do all in our ability to assist you in achieving a brilliant and strong smile.

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