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What Are the Methods of Oral Surgery

Posted on 2/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Dental ChairOral surgery constitutes a specialized branch of dentistry dedicated to identifying and managing conditions, anomalies, and traumas affecting the facial and jaw regions, collectively known as the maxillofacial area. The most common types of oral surgery that our qualified oral maxillofacial surgeons perform include:

Tooth Extractions

While general dentists can perform tooth extractions, certain cases may necessitate the expertise of oral surgeons. Consequently, general dentists, orthodontists, and physicians often refer individuals to oral surgeons.

Surgical extraction becomes essential for teeth that are damaged, nonfunctional, or positioned in a way that makes them difficult to reach by conventional means. In such instances, oral surgery may involve the manipulation or removal of bone and gum tissue to facilitate the extraction of the affected tooth. It is integral to consult our professional surgeons for the best advice for such advice.

Dental Implant Insertion

The popularity of dental implants as the go-to solution for replacing missing teeth is rising. This procedure involves a crucial oral surgery step where titanium rods, serving as surrogate tooth roots, are precisely implanted into the jawbone. Furthermore, specific individuals may need to undergo bone grafts before the dental implant procedure. This surgery is the most common for people who have missing teeth. You need to contact us so that we can determine the type of implants that we will insert for you.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery, also recognized as orthognathic surgery, is invaluable in rectifying dental and skeletal irregularities impacting essential functions such as chewing or speaking. The intricacies of these procedures extend to the reconstruction and realignment of either one or both jaws, aiming to enhance functionality and refine facial aesthetics.

Beyond addressing dental and skeletal irregularities, corrective jaw surgery proves to be a versatile solution capable of resolving issues with the bite and dysfunction arising from facial trauma or congenital disabilities. Notably, orthognathic surgery effectively treats temporomandibular joint and muscle problems, commonly referred to as TMJ disorders, offering a comprehensive approach to enhancing both function and overall well-being. If you are considering oral surgery for any issue, such as missing teeth or jaw irregularities, contact us for more information.

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